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Our Team

Kerem Karaca / Founder of AdvertB

Kerem Karaca is the visionary founder and creator of AdvertB Digital Marketing Agency. Recognizing the shortcomings in today’s digital advertising industry, Kerem established AdvertB to address and rectify these issues. In this era of increasing digitalization in the business world, Kerem’s objective is to bridge the gaps for businesses that have fallen behind in the digital race, unable to actively utilize social media platforms and losing their grip on customers. Driven by a passion for crafting effective marketing strategies tailored to specific target audiences, Kerem is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction, optimizing management processes, and fostering a positive team culture.

Ezgi Derya Özkan / Project Manager

Ezgi Derya Özkan is a highly experienced project manager with a diverse portfolio of successfully managing projects across 47 different industries. With a strong emphasis on effective communication and punctuality, Ezgi places great importance on maintaining clear and open lines of communication throughout the project lifecycle. She is dedicated to upholding quality standards and ensures continuous monitoring and follow-up in project management.